SHINE: Live Your True Potential

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It’s Time To Live Your True Potential
Follow the Guidance of Your Soul

Connect to your soul’s desires and live the life that your soul designed for you. Learn the 3 Secret Steps to SHINE Your Inner Light.


SHINE: It’s Time to Live Your Full Potential

How to Create a Life You Love?
By Living Your Full Potential.
By Being Your True Self.
By Being Connected To Your Soul Desires.

Connect to your soul’s desires and live the life that your soul wanted you to experience. Learn the 3 Secret Steps to SHINE Your Inner Light.

The 3 Steps To Live Your Full Potential By Getting Emotionally Naked

  • Do you wonder how to connect to your full potential?
  • Do you feel there must be more to life than what you are doing and experiencing right now?
  • Do you want to shine your inner light?
  • Do you want to become a magnet for joyful moments?

It’s time to become naked. Emotionally. To live your true potential you need to be your true self. That means: you need to be real, authentic, no makeup needed.

To attract happiness wherever you go it’s time to embrace the raw version of you, the version that you might have hidden deep down inside your heart. To shine your inner light, you need to be ready to be seen.

It’s time to be proud of who you are – your talents and your so-called weaknesses. Loving all of who you are and allowing others to see you creates true power. Being your true self inevitably leads to incredible inner strength and fulfillment.

You soul knew exactly how you needed to be to live a remarkable life. Be that version! The more you uncover your true self the more happiness is pouring into your life. And guess what follows happiness: passion, love and abundance by living your true potential. So stop pretending to be what you are not and be proud of who you are right now.

Connecting to your soul’s desires will unleash your manifestation power to create whatever you desire in your life. Once you allow yourself to be your True Self and become fully authentic your manifestations flow and you become a beautiful creator of your future.

The only way to live your true potential is through being connected with your soul and that’s easily done by listening to your heart – and not so much to your mind or subconscious. Your heart-mind-connection has a tremendous effect on your manifestations. When your heart-mind-connection is blocked, it’s almost impossible to live your full potential.

Kati connects you with your inner wisdom,
reminds you of your gifts
and helps you to remove the shadows from your heart.

It’s your shadows that cause your heart to close,
yet with a closed heart you can’t follow your soul’s purpose.

It’s Time to Shine. Learn:

  • how to create an unshakable self-worth
  • how to live your true potential by getting emotionally naked
  • how to access a source of infinite inner strength that enables you to live your true potential
  • how to stop your mind freaking out and let your heart guide you to create the most beautiful life you can imagine (and far beyond)

How to Live Your Soul Purpose & Create A Fulfilled Life:

Noone else can tell you how „a fulfilled life“ looks like. This is something very personal and individual. So it is crucial that you understand how to connect to your soul’s desires and start living according to your soul’s plan.

When you are in tune with your soul’s desires you will always live a life that makes you happy and joyful.

You are unique,
your soul designed a very special life for you.
Reconnect to the power within you.

Stop Hiding: Shine
How to Live Your Full Potential By Stepping from Fear into Love

Do you want to live your full potential? Do you feel that sometimes you are still playing small? Are you sometimes insecure what others might say about your dreams and ideas and therefore keep quiet? Do you feel that you have so much beautiful wisdom to share but you are somehow hiding and therefore you are not seen?

What if you would feel so confident that it would become natural for you to shine and let others see who you really are? What if others would be amazed by listening to you and being with you? What if you knew the secret way to shine your inner light?

To live your full potential you need to step out of fear and into love. As long as you are not seen, not having the success you desire, not having the relationships you desire, you are hiding. And there is only one reason for you to hide: You are afraid that others might judge you, think you are not good enough or even worse – that there is something wrong about you.

What is it that you are trying to hide? 
What are you ashamed of?

Whatever you are afraid that others might judge or dislike about you, is what you truly dislike about yourself. It is time to embrace all of you: your beauty and also your darkest secrets. Once you are in love with every single aspect of your personality, you gain unshakable confidence that enables you to live your true potential.

How confidence and living your full potential belong together? You need the confidence to drop down your masks. To shine and to be seen means that you are brave enough to show others who you really are. People can sense if you are real or if you are pretending – and we all want the real thing.

It’s time to understand who you really are and be proud of all of your abilities: your strengths and also your shortcomings. Knowing who you really are, enables you to love every single aspect of yourself and feel incredibly confident and in love with yourself.

In This Online Training You Learn:

  • how to feel comfortable to let others see your true self and not be afraid of being rejected for your thoughts, beliefs or ideas
  • how to step out of your comfort zone and stop hiding your talents to create a life that makes you feel fulfilled
  • How to feel confident and be proud of who you are and what you have to offer

The SHINE PROGRAM will guide you through these 3 steps:

Who are you? And Who do you want to be?

  • usually you only see a limited „reality“: based on your past experiences, what you have been told at home and at school and controlled by hidden fears (which is your comfort zone and you saying „well, it’s not too bad“)

  • it’s essential to tap into your intuition and to reactivate your inner guidance system – otherwise you will never be free to chose what your heart desires (which is directly connected to your soul purpose)

  • The course will help you to get clarity on who you truly are. Without knowing who you are and what is important to your soul it’s impossible to be authentic and live your true self… which is key to manifest everything you desire in your life.

Back to the Roots of Healing.

  • It’s essential that you learn to master your mind. Yet not in a „I-have-to-be-spiritually-enlightend-way“ but simply in a very practical easy to do approach
  • There are thousands of healing techniques available to get lost in. Yet all you need is a simple and structured process to clear your mind and start creating a happy life. Unless you want to spend all your life meditating and doing „healing-work“ with yourself… This can be done in 3 months.
  • Why healing your past is crucial? There is no infinite success in manifesting if you keep on carrying the old garbage of your past. Healing enhances manifesting by a 1000 times

Steping out of fear and into love to start Shining

  • Once you start to make desicions based on a heart-mind-connection and know how to wisely use your intuition your life shifts because you create more abundance and joy through being connected to your soul’s desires.

  • Fear – especially the hidden fears – will always stop you to move forward. We will empower you to take action on your dreams and stop sabotaging your dreams.

  • Learn how to manifest your dreams and live your full potential through being your true self. The version of yourself that your soul had chosen for you!

How You Benefit of the SHINE Program:

+++   You will connect to your inner wisdom to be guided by your heart

+++   You learn powerful techniques to train your intuition on what to do

+++   You will step out of fear and start living your full potential

+++   You will embrace your femininity and gain a deep level of self-love and confidence

+++   You learn techniques that keep you going when times are tough

+++   You will learn how to decode your patterns and behaviour and how to reprogram it

The Secure Vulnerability Mindset:
How Embracing Your Vulnerability
Leads to Infinite Inner Strengths

Would you like to know how to step into unlimited inner strength? Do you want to live your true potential? Do you want to be more successful? Do you want to become a “getter” instead of only being a “giver”?

When you want to achieve incredible results in business or have the most passionate love relationship ever then you need to be willing to crack your shell open from within. This way you let your true potential emerge.

It’s time to shine your light and let your key strengths become even more powerful by setting your vulnerability free instead of hiding it. As long as you ashamed your weak spots, others will feel your insecurity and that you are hiding something, which creates distance.

By applying The Secure Vulnerability Mindset you can turn your weak spots into sweet spots. This way you deepen your relationships with loved ones, clients and even complete strangers can easily turn into new friends. Once you know how to embrace your vulnerability, others will easily feel connected with you.

The acknowledgement of your sweet weak spots and the trust in your own uniqueness and potential go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. Living your full potential without embracing your vulnerability is a myths. Deep and solid trust in your own abilities comes through embracing The Secure Vulnerability Mindset.

We are trained to be afraid of failure. And we are trained to hide our uniqueness somewhere behind the perfect shell. To be safe. Yet once you truly know what innate superpower lies within you, your trust in your own power will be unbreakable. Consequently, you will easily move way out of your comfort zone and be amazed by your own results.

In the SHINE Online Training you learn:

  • how to gain powerful self-trust and create incredible inner strength

  • how to let your true potential emerge by being fully connected to your core strengths and easily allowing others to see your true self

  • how to overcome any doubt and fear to become who you truly meant to be

  • how to develop strong communication skills by becoming completely aware of your uniqueness and special talents

  • how to implement The Secure Vulnerability Mindset to create stunning success, passionate romance and unlimited happiness


Connect to Your Inner Wisdom to Make Brave Decisions

What if you would never ever regret a decision you made? What if you would always perfectly know what career decision, business deal or lover is best for you? What if you could save yourself tons of hours of hard work by just knowing what’s the right action for you to take now? And what if the actions would lead to incredible results that you couldn’t even expect in the first place?

We do have an infinite super power within us that most of us have forgotten. Out of those who know that this super power is available 93% don’t know how to use it in a way that is not only fun but helping you to create money, success and happiness.

For those who are thriving to live their true potential having full access to your intuition is crucial. Using your intuition in an intelligent way will help you to make smart decisions that lead to extraordinary results while you can stay perfectly relaxed.

Once you tap into your intuition you connect to your inner wisdom. Being connected to this infinite source of wisdom, you gain access to creative ideas and insights that can create tremendous success and happiness within your life. Using your intuition in a powerful and focused way gives you access to your true potential.

When it’s about making bold decisions and powerful changes in life fully being connected with your inner wisdom is crucial. Your mind will only create solutions based on your experience. Whenever you want more or something completely different, you need to activate your intuition to create incredible results. Not having full access to your intuition can lead to unnecessary failure and pain.

Explore how you activate your intuition and start talking with the God within you – to create the most beautiful life beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s time to live your true potential by fully being connected to the God within you: Your Intuition. Learn:

  • how to activate your intuition to create success easily
  • how to make powerful decisions by tuning into your intuition
  • how to just know what action is perfectly right for you
  • how to access your true potential by connecting to an infinite source of wisdom, knowledge and creativity

About Kati…

Even though I travel around the world with the sun most of the year, have given over 4,217 individual coaching sessions and have been able to inspire over 16,000 people in training courses, live events, webinars and speaches. That was not always so.

There was a time when my life didn’t fill me. I was in a life that wasn’t mine.

– a marriage to a man who didn’t want to kiss me
– 17kg overweight & sick
– I felt so ugly. And unhappy.

But the real problem: I did not understand how I „got in“ there. Somehow there was a fatal mistake in my idea of ​​“this is what a beautiful life looks like“.

Sometimes we live someone else’s dream: intelligent husband, well-paid responsible job, 6-digit salary, nice long-distance trips every year, sports car in the garage … a lot looks good from the outside. The question is:

Does it make you happy?
What do you really want?
Do you know who you are?
What is happiness for you?

Sometimes we downgrade our dreams to fit into the lives of others. But that’s not you anymore.

It is not about being admired by others, following the „guidelines“ for a good life and collecting likes on Facebook for the last vacation pictures. This leads to inner emptiness. But never to bliss, inner joy, radiance.

When my Ayurveda masseuse said to me „You have knots in your breasts“ it woke me up. Time to wake up. Time to act.

I started to think about what was important to me and what made me happy. I started to deal with the subconscious, mindset, inner blockages, slipped dreams and manifesting. The lowest point is always the turning point… 

I quit, we went on a trip. For 6 months. Just enjoy, live, be on the beach, breathe, feel, cook, eat, dance.

For me it was the start of a new life. I then started working independently as a detox coach. This resulted in 2 books with Freya Verlag. Then later the coaching of emotions, then seminars, then mentoring … life is a flow.

But it is not enough to „redesign a little“. Your soul wants the whole happiness package. Everything. We shouldn’t be content with luck.

On my 35th birthday, which is on Christmas Day, it was probably time for the next big step. The subconscious always has its own schedule, the logic does not always open up to us.

It makes little sense why my husband and I had to drive to a luxury hotel for 800 euros a night … but a bit of drama is always entertaining: Instead of celebrating my birthday in the wellness hotel, we broke up. With tears and fancy. Then to leave the next day.

When you start walking your way, you walk it all the way. With love. And with full love for you.

Living a compromise is always a lie to yourself. When you live your life, there are no compromises. Then everything fits together and what doesn’t fit can be released. Trust your inner guidance. Your heart knows the way.

After I split up, I dated rock stars, soccer players and multimillionaires. One of them tried to date me for 5 months until I said yes. It was an exciting, intense and entertaining time. But in the end it’s not about status but love.

And you always have to find this love in yourself first. Then a whole new world opens up. The people who come into your life change: they are softer, loving, more passionate, wild, more mindful. They live from the heart.

You are love.

My personal trip showed me that we can have everything we want. And that we always get it – if we become what we want to have ourselves.

The big question is very simple: What does your heart want?

What is your soul’s plan?
What adventures do you want to experience?
What makes you really happy?

The moment you start getting to know yourself, everything changes. You find yourself You learn to love yourself. You take what you want. You let go of what doesn’t suit you. You give when you want to give. You say no if you mean no. You experiment, feel, love and feel this deep inner peace within you.

Knowing that anything is possible. And we can take what our soul „has provided“ for us. Embrace your life. Your life cannot be boring if you really live YOUR life. Be authentic. Be real. Allowe yourself to be who you truly are. Maybe a little bit wild, crazy, loud or quiet, loving and gentle. You are amazing.

With love

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  1. Naomi

    So much love. I feel so calm and centered now and so connected with my dreams. I feel like I have plan instead of wishes and a certainty moved in. Feels amazing.

  2. Karen

    You made it so clear that we need to step out of our conditioning and into the love that we already are, it felt so easy being guided by you in the meditations, thank you for this guidance and the love you share.

  3. Sabine

    I feel like I want to have all of the classes, every time I listen to your voice I get calm and excited at the same time. I feel excited about my life again. Thank you.

  4. Marie

    I enjoy this training, it’s a lot of content to work through and I feel the last weeks had a calming effect on me. it removed the pressure and made me more calm and clear.

  5. Marianne

    This was so much material, I feel so guided and gained so much clarity. Thank you

  6. Petra

    I like the german courses, so I was curious about this one. It’s a real guidance. I feel like being personaly mentored. The download material is great.

  7. Julie

    I enjoy your trainings a lot. I hope I see you in person one day!

  8. Chris

    I love your work.

  9. Sandra

    Beautiful course. Feels like miracles happening.

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