SHINE: A Manifestation Guide (Englisch)


Manifesting is easy – once you know how to do it.

Learn how to manifest easily.
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Unleash Your Secret Super Power: Your Manifestation Skills

In SHINE, Kati lays out the secret and most powerful way of manifesting a life that your soul is craving for.

This book is a journey of remembering you who you truly are: a Divine Glow. 
You are meant to Shine Your Inner Light. You’ll learn how to create the life your soul is longing for. You’ll understand how to create love and abundance in your life by being your true self. You don’t have to work so hard to get what you want, you just need to reconnect with your soul’s dreams and soul’s desires.

SHINE is a manifestation guide to walk you through the secret 3 step method to create a fulfilled life. In these pages, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize your heart’s desires 
  • Become an easy manifester 
  • Trust that you can always be guided by your soul 
  • Clear mixed messages that stop your manifestations 
  • Manifesting for a soulmate, love and money 

Manifesting is your secret super power. It’s your soul in Aaction.

Kati Gehres

Manifesting Your Dreams: Use the Power of Love

Connecting with your soul’s dreams and your divine energy will change everything. Once you feel the beauty of your soul and learn how to let your soul guide you, you can trust that it’s safe to let go of the past and stop being afraid of the future. You’ll tap into your true manifestation power by shining your inner light and be love. Being your true self is a magnet for abundance and joy – because it means you are in love with yourself and life. 

This book comes with an online training full of meditations and worksheets for manifesting, connecting with your soul’s desires and opening your heart to receiving.

These meditations will guide you through your journey. You are meant to Shine Your Inner Light. Because you are a Divine Glow. You always have been. Time to remember. You want to dive fully into manifesting abundance. Check out the online training >>

Activate Your Manifestation Power. Live Your Purpose.

Kati Gehres

Kati Gehres ist Autorin von Das Flüstern der SeeleSeelengeflüster,
SHINEDie für-immer-schlank Formel und DIY Detox:

Seelenheilung Buch

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