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How To Recover From Burnout & Depression

Your way back to inner peace, joy of living & passion for life.



How to Recover from Burnout & Depression

If you want to overcome burnout and depression, you need to understand why they could show up in the first place. It’s not too much stress, an unhealthy relationship or a demanding job. These are just symptoms of “having lost your True Self”.

Burnout and depression can only take over when you lost your connection to your soul’s path and your soul’s desires.

When you lose the connection to your heart and your inner guidance system, happiness slowly drifts away… and a numbness, apathy, and inability to change move in.

When you don’t feel that your life has a purpose and when you feel unable to create meaningful relationships, you start disconnecting from your heart.

When you have to bend your values for your job or career, you neglect your own needs and your desires. The same applies to your relationships. Whenever you just can’t be yourself and be appreciated and loved for who you are, you can either step away or you try to fit it. Whenever you try to fit in, you start slipping out of alignment…

Burnout and depression move in when a part of you feels that there’s a lack of purpose when you are not fully connected with your heart anymore. Because when you don’t live in alignment with what’s important to your heart, happiness isn’t available.

Happiness is created by living an authentic life. It’s crucial to know what your heart truly desires, it’s essential to reconnect to all (!) emotions – because you can’t just have the “good” ones. It’s all or nothing. Happiness or numbness. You choose.

When you are not living your True Self you are not authentic, you neglect a part of your personality and therefore your soul shows you “hey, there is something wrong… time to adjust your lifestyle.”

Without living your True Self and being authentic no real enduring happiness, passion for life and inner joy are possible.

It’s time to discover your True Self.
And start living authentically again.

How Burnout & Depression Show Up in Your Life:

  • being stressed out and exhausted
  • being apathetic and feeling isolated
  • not having feelings at all, there is a numbness and nothing can really touch your heart, neither good nor bad
  • a lack of motivation
  • too much negative thinking
  • constantly being afraid of something
  • feeling restless
  • a feeling of hopelessness
  • being oversensitive
  • crying a lot
  • perfectionism
  • self-criticism
  • feeling worthless and unimportant
  • having problems with sleeping
  • having changes in appetite
  • eating to fill an emptiness inside of you
  • giving up on your hobbies
  • losing a lot of energy in your day-to-day life
  • feeling overwhelmed by life
  • losing interest in creating an amazing future and enjoying the present

Stepping out of Burnout & Depression Within 3 Months:

The RISE Mentoring is designed for a quick transformation. When approaching the root cause for your burnout or depression change can happen fast.

The RISE Mentoring follows 3 steps:

1. CLARITY on WHO you wanted to be and where you lost that version of yourself. When you neglect your True Self burnout and depression show up as consequences. Reconnecting to your heart, understanding your soul desires and acknowledging where you need to change is the first step towards recovery.

2. HEALING the subconscious patterns that keep you stuck in burnout and depression – or would make you recreate the same situation over and over again. Understanding your family dynamics, DNA and past programming and shifting it helps you to stay healthy and joyful.

3. ALIGNMENT of your heart and mind to take heart-based actions and redesign your life in a way that serves you. Creating new habits and setting up a new lifestyle that nourishes your heart and soul will bring you the deep inner joy and peace that you are looking for.

What Do You Get in the RISE Mentoring:

  • The RISE Mentoring is a 3 months program.
  • Stepping out of feelings of being overwhelmed, numb or hopeless are not meant to stay forever. Once burnout and depression are approached in an effective way you can move on fast.
  • Kati and her team will guide you for 3 months through the 3 step process to overcome burnout and depression.
  • Your Goal: A life that you enjoy, having inner peace and clarity. Feeling relaxed and joyful.

The RISE Mentoring includes:


  • Your RISE mentoring starts with 3 in-depth CLARITY sessions with Kati to understand your current situation and your past as well as your family patterns in depth. All sessions will be online, using Skype.

  • Kati is an expert in decoding the patterns in the subconscious mind. Each clarity session focuses on understanding your patterns, your family DNA, your sabotaging system and how and why you truly have lost your passion for life and entered burnout and depression.

  • You will get an in-depth analysis of the hidden patterns behind your burnout or depression and clear guidance and support to shift it around. Because once you fully understand why you created this situation, you can start to shift it.

    How many CLARITY sessions are included?
    You will have 3 clarity sessions.


  • You will have one-on-one HEALING sessions with Kati and the Divine Glow team to re-connect with your soul and your inner guidance system. All sessions will be online, using Skype

    You will learn how to trust your intuition, how to make heart-based decisions and how to redesign your life to create love and joy and to prevent you from stepping back into old patterns.

    We will dive into your vulnerability, your fear of being seen, fear of being not loved for who you are. Because vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, love and change.

    “How many HEALING sessions are included?”
    As much as needed.

    “Will all sessions be with Kati?”
    The team specialises in different areas, depending on your needs you will have sessions with other Divine Glow Coaches. The RISE program is very individual, you get exactly what you need to step out of depression and burnout.


  • Once you have clarity on how you want to create your life, what’s missing and what needs to be changed, it’s time to take action.
  • In this process, Kati will teach you how to make heart-based decisions so that you can create a life of love and joy and happiness – a life based on your soul’s desires so that happiness is inevitable.

    “How many ALIGNMENT sessions are included?”
    As much as needed.

During your 3 months journey with Kati, you will have direct email contact with Kati to ask for guidance whenever needed in between sessions and to be supported through this amazing shift. Time to Rise!

Book your 30-minute clarity call with Kati.

Take action now. Happiness is a decision and can be created by you as well. Time to RISE.