Soul Reading


Any question you have in mind and need an answer from the Divine or your higher self to move forward.

Simply ask your question in the comment box while ordering. You will receive your answer by email.


Sometimes we have questions in mind and don’t find an answer for. Sometimes we wonder what the next step is and can’t figure it out ourselves.

I love to ask God for guidance. Because once I know what God recommends me to change, I can take the next step. 

Sometimes we have some roadblocks (called ‚limiting beliefs‘) in our way. Once you check with God where your mind is stopping you, you know what to change to move on into the direction you desire. This creates so much relief and helps to relax into the process.

Talking with God isn’t so easy for some (even so we all can learn it) and needs to be trained to clearly understand what’s a message from The Divine and what’s a message from our subconscious mind or brain…

I love reading the energy field of people and asking The Divine for guidance. I have worked with more than 4’000 people in coachings and way over 16’000 in online trainings, teachings, seminars and live events… helping them to connect to their inner guidance, asking God for support and change.

Today I felt guided to offer you a special reading opportunity…

Whatever question you have, you can simply ask:
• i will check with God what is blocking you,
• why this is happening (or not happening) in your life,
• what needs to change and what will help you to move forward…

I will read your energy field and I will ask God for clear guidance for you to overcome whatever is blocking you right now in your path… I love the beauty of being supported by God no matter what. And I love sharing it.