Live Your Full Potential

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ZURICH: 04.09. – 06.09.

How to Live Your Full Potential By Stepping from Fear into Love and Being Your True Self.

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SHINE: How to Live Your Full Potential

Learn the Secret 3 Step SHINE Formula for Living Your Full Potential.

04.09.  – 06.09. Friday Evening – Sunday Evening

Create a Life You Love: Live Your Full Potential

How to Live Your Full Potential By Stepping from Fear into Love and Being Your True Self

  • Do you wonder how to live your full potential? 
  • Do you have huge dreams but don’t get started?
  • Do you feel you might secretly sabotage your dreams?

As long as you are not fully connected to your soul’s desires and have an unbalanced heart-mind-connection, you block yourself in seeing and therefore in living your full potential.

You are meant to shine.
Because you are unique.
You have beautiful gifts.
Embrace your qualities.
Start living your full potential.

How to Live Your Full Potential:

Do you feel you might secretly sabotage yourself in knowing your soul purpose and living your full potential?

  • Learn how to live your full potential
  • … and manifest the life you desire.

  • In this training, you will get clarity on your soul desires 
  • .. and how to differentiate between ego-based and soul-based dreams.

  • You learn how to heal your past
  • … and how to connect with your heart for clear guidance 
  • … to take action and make your dreams a reality. 

About Kati Gehrés

Kati has helped more than 16’318 people through live events, online courses, speaking events and private coaching sessions to fall in love with themselves, use the power of their thoughts and emotions and create the life they are dreaming of.

  • More than 4,217 Coaching Sessions with her clients on love, abundance and soul purpose
  • More than 108 live training events on intuition, soul purpose, divine timing, & manifesting.
  • More than 16’318 people trained in connecting with their soul’s desires, manifesting their dreams and living their full potential.

As featured in:

It’s Time to SHINE:
Start Living Your Full Potential

  • get clarity on how to connect to your soul purpose 

  • understand how to identify the hidden desires of your soul in order to live a purpose-driven life

  • learn how to unblock the heart and mind connection to allow yourself to see, feel and live your full potential

  • discover how to overcome the 7 hidden fears of the subconscious that sabotage you in living your full potential

  • learn how to remove their secret manifestation blocks to create a life you desire

  • learn how to step into your intuition and be guided by your soul to live your full potential

  • become brave enough to be fully authentic as a powerful tool to unlimited manifestations and being able to live your full potential

Learn How to Live Your Full Potential.
Connect To Your Soul Purpose.

In this class, you will learn…

  • how to understand WHO your soul wanted to to be in order to manifest love, success and happiness

  • how to overcome the 7 hidden fears of your subconscious and learn how to stop sabotaging your life purpose

  • how to activate your innate manifestation power to create a life in alignment with your soul purpose

  • how to step into your intuition and be guided by your soul to live your full potential

  • how to become fully authentic and live your soul purpose by applying the Secret 3 Step SHINE Formula

Join the SHINE Live Training:

Date: 04.09. – 06.09.

Friday: 5 p.m. – 8. p.m.
Saturday: 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Sunday: 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Location: Zurich-City
Language: English

Basic Ticket € 197.-
VIP Ticket: € 497.-

Your Ticket Options:

Basic Ticket:

  • 2 1/2 days full of training and insights on living your full potential
  • you get a copy of Kati’s book SHINE
  • you get the course manual

VIP Ticket:

  • you have a front-row seat
  • you have the option to receive a hot-seat session within the training, which means you get personal guidance on your questions during a sample session while learning the process of the Secret 3 Step SHINE Formula
  • you get a signed copy of Kati’s latest book SHINE with a channelled message for you
  • you have lunch together with Kati on both days (spaces are limited)

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5 reviews for Live Your Full Potential

  1. Katariina

    Kati taught me how to listen my heart.
    She taught how to purify anger, sorrow, etc. from the heart. The heart-tracking path is linked to a vulnerability. I got support, security and guidance from Kati. So, I dared to open myself to the vulnerability. After that big changes have started to take place within me.

  2. Siiri

    I love Kati! I think that she could help anyone.
    She just look at you and know what you need. I learned to accept and love myself and to communicate honestly from the heart.



  3. Renate

    ich bin immer total geplättet und positiv geflasht
    Liebe Kati,
    wow, ich bin immer total geplättet und positiv geflasht von der Fülle der Tipps und Informationen. Vieles war mir so nicht bewusst. Danke dass du dein Wissen und deine Erfahrung teilst. Kati, du bist einfach eine unglaubliche Bereicherung für mich und meinen Fortschritt gewesen.

    Alles Liebe, Renate

  4. Tom

    Fünf Sterne. Alles top.

  5. Jessica

    Liebe Kati

    WOW!!! Du beeindruckst mich sehr und hast eine Vorbildfunktion in meinem Leben übernommen! Ich bin extrem überrascht wieviel ich gelernt habe über mich. Ich fühle mich gut bei dir aufgehoben und habe selten soviel gelernt wie bei dir!

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