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What exactly do you get in a coaching with Kati?

Kati specializes in seeing the energy field of others,
she recognizes their deep-seated blockages and patterns.

She sees the shadow in you and also how you can heal it.
She sees your fears, your repressed feelings and your limitations.

And that’s how she sees your beauty:
Your gifts, your talents, your dreams and everything that makes you unique.

Kati was clairvoyant as a child and was able to see and feel the patterns, behaviors, fears and worries of others.

Today Kati teaches others how to activate their intuitive abilities and how to use them in a targeted manner in order to create a life according to their own wishes.

In a coaching session you can specifically address the topic that is important to you.

Kati will read the patterns, fears and blockages of your energy field and bring them to change together with you.

Healing comes from understanding why you are who you are.
Change comes from opening your heart to the beauty of your soul.
And that includes your shadows as well as your most beautiful gifts.

Kati specializes in love and abundance.

For many years it has supported women in connecting with their heart’s desires, recognizing their own gifts and letting go of their shadows.

She has inspired many other coaches and supported them on their way, especially in solving money blockages and in Hearing their fear of being Seen.

And no matter how different the topics may appear on the surface, in depth they all have one thing in common:

  • Are you real?
  • Are you like your soul wanted it to be?
  • Are you as wild and free and real and happy as you want it to be?

If we are authentic then we are connected to our unique power.
If we are authentic, life flows on all levels and love and abundance are our companions.

When we deny soul parts of ourselves, our natural flow comes to a standstill.

That is why Kati sees her task in revealing the beauty in you.
To help you being aware of your shadows and to show you their infinite beauty in the same breath.

When we know and love our strengths and weaknesses,
we are infinitely strong, clear and powerful.
We then manifest from love.
And life is easy and clear and full of joy.

Kati connects you with your inner wisdom, reminds you of your gifts and helps you to remove the shadows from your heart.
These shadows cause your heart to close, but with a closed heart you cannot follow your intuition.

Only when you open your heart to love and abundance can this flow.

Rediscover yourself.
Become who you always wanted to be:
By remembering that you still are.
Discover the infinite beauty in you.

In a coaching session with Kati your deep-seated blockages will come into healing and you will release blocked emotions from your cells.

You will change limiting patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior so that you can hear the calling of your heart again and follow your intuition.

All wisdom that’s needed is already within you.
Once the shadows have been seen, accepted and healed, you can easily follow your very own personal path of love and abundance.

After your booking, we will send you suggested dates.
You can also enter your wishes for the day and time directly in the comment field.

The coaching session takes place via Skype or Zoom and takes around 60-75 minutes. You can discuss your wishes and challenges with Kati directly in the session. You do not have to send any information in advance.

Be who you are meant to be.
Your soul had a beautiful plan for you.
The most beautiful plan you can dream of. Are you ready for this?

We all need some help to reconnect to our inner light from time to time.
Everything starts with this longing inside of you to feel fulfilled, connected and having a purposeful life.

You are unique, your soul designed a very special life for you.
And even so, you might have forgotten what it is all about, you can reconnect to that power within you.

I help women to live their full potential by making heart-based decisions and being fully authentic. I talk with God about their issues, reprogram their love & success patterns and connect them with their intuition. -Kati

Reconnect to Your Heart.
Shine Your Inner Light.

Kati has supported more than 16’312 people on their journey to living a fulfilled life. In more than 4’217 one-on-one coachings she received deep insights into the subconscious patterns on love, money and how to live a purpose-driven life. And yes, this also does include health-issues as our body will always guide us if we lost our soul’s path.

When a coaching session could truly help you …

No matter if you lost touch with your soul, if you feel disconnected from your feelings, want to remove sadness from your heart or simply want to feel happy and fulfilled again – or maybe for the first time… whatever you are longing for is possible for you.

Understanding why your subconscious is stopping you from living that life you desire, how to reconnect you to your inner guidance and stepping from fear into love is a beautiful process that will get you where you desire to be. Make your first step now.

Kati has plenty of experience and can guide you in your journey.
Do you want to …

  • live a purpose-driven life
  • understand & heal the subconscious patterns that keep you away from living a fulfilled life
  • connect with your heart
  • fall in love
  • create happy and lasting relationships
  • be brave and fully be your true self – as this is the shortcut to living your full potential
  • understand what your full potential is and connecting to your soul purpose(s)
  • take action to live your full potential.

You are a blessing to the word. Don’t hide your gifts. Shine your inner light. -Kati

Your next steps:

  • Book your session by clicking the button at the top of the page. You can pay by bank transfer, PayPal or Credit Card.
  • We will send you a suggestion for available days and times. You can also write to us at kontakt @ and letting us know when you would prefer to have your coaching.
  • Your coaching session will be 60-75 minutes and via skype.
  • Sessions on weekends & in the evening are also possible.