SHINE: Become Your True Self

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Connect to Your Inner Wisdom &
Manifest Your Soul’s Desires 

+++ This online training is part of the 3 steps to live your full potential that you learn in the SHINE online course.

When you buy the SHINE online course this training is included for free. +++ 



Connect to Your Inner Wisdom & Manifest Your Dreams By Being Your True Self

The 7 Steps to Reconnect With Your Inner Wisdom

  • Follow the successful 7 Step Process to Create an abundant and joyful life: 7 online trainings of 90mins that guide you through your personal journey to feeling fulfilled
  • Discover how to put the L-O-V-E Formula into practice. Get full access to the online trainings and meditations

The Online Training on Love, Passion & Abundance includes:

+++ The 3 Essential Steps to Creating Love, Passion & Abundance
+++ 7 online training videos, each 90mins incl. audio
+++ 3 Meditations to Manifest Your Dreams & Clear Blocks

Healing comes from understanding why you are who you are.
Change comes from opening your heart to the beauty of your soul.
And that includes your shadows as well as your most beautiful gifts.

Step into Your most Powerful Self and Create more Joy and Abundance in Your Life.

Learn to Use the Power of Your Heart & Mind:

  • You manifest nonstop. Yet sometimes it seems that you can’t have what you are looking for. This simply means, that on some level you block yourself to receive it.
  • In this traininig you will heal your emotions that block you from being happy and joyful and abundant. I will guide you through the 3 essential steps.

This Online Training helps you to get CLARITY on Your Soul’s Dreams:

  • usually you only see a limited „reality“: based on your past experiences, what you have been told at home and at school and controlled by hidden fears (which is your comfort zone and you saying „well, it’s not too bad“)
  • it’s essential to tap into your intuition and to reactivate your inner guidance system – otherwise you will never be free to chose what your heart desires (which is directly connected to your soul purpose)

If we are authentic then we are connected to our unique power.
If we are authentic, life flows on all levels and love and abundance are our companions.

When we deny soul parts of ourselves, our natural flow comes to a standstill.

That is why Kati sees her task in revealing the beauty in you.
To help you being aware of your shadows and to show you their infinite beauty in the same breath.

When we know and love our strengths and weaknesses,
we are infinitely strong, clear and powerful.
We then manifest from love.
And life is easy and clear and full of joy.

You Learn How to Heal Your Emotions & Unblock Your Heart:

  • It’s essential that you learn to master your mind.
  • When you learn the powerful technique of healing your heart and hidden emotions you suddenly start to manifest easily.
  • It’s important to understand why you mind is sometimes blocking you and how to shift this around.

Kati connects you with your inner wisdom, reminds you of your gifts and helps you to remove the shadows from your heart.
These shadows cause your heart to close, but with a closed heart you cannot follow your intuition.

Only when you open your heart to love and abundance can this flow.

Rediscover yourself.
Become who you always wanted to be:
By remembering that you still are.
Discover the infinite beauty in you.

Creating a future you love means being able to make Heart-Mind-Based Decisions

  • Learn how to open your heart to love and abundance and therefore to understand what truly makes you happy.
  • Discover the manifestation power of love. Once your heart is tuned into a higher vibration you have clarity on your dreams and how to approach them.

You will change limiting patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior so that you can hear the calling of your heart again and follow your intuition.

All wisdom that’s needed is already within you.
Once the shadows have been seen, accepted and healed, you can easily follow your very own personal path of love and abundance.

Be who you are meant to be.
Your soul had a beautiful plan for you.
The most beautiful plan you can dream of. Are you ready for this?

You are unique, your soul designed a very special life for you. Reconnect to the power within you. -Kati

10 Bewertungen für SHINE: Become Your True Self

  1. Celine

    Thank you for the clarity of your speech. I feel the meditations go so deep that I repeat them regularly. <3

  2. Marina

    Buy it. It will change your life.

  3. Margareta

    Ich habe die deutschsprachigen Kurse alle gemacht und diese hier ist tatsächlich nochmal ganz anders, eine wahre Ergänzung und mit so viel Liebe. Top!

  4. Leena

    Love and light you beautiful soul. This class has helped me a lot to understand my blocks and fears.

  5. Melissa

    It’s a course of self love that turns into a life changer. Wow.

  6. Katleen

    So happy for this English training. Loved the live event with you and having this online course is beautiful for tuning in on what’s needed now!

  7. Camilla

    Highly recommended. Thank you for your love and light Kati

  8. Sam

    I am so gratefu to have found this course, it guided me throuhg some darkness and I feel so much lighter now. Thank you.

  9. Connie

    I enjoy this manifestation training… as it was way more than manifesting, I feel so connected with my soul now.

  10. Anne

    Beautiful explained how we manfest through really understanding our soul desires. It was a wonderful experience!

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