Evening Event: Be Brave. Be Yourself.

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The 3 Steps to Live Your Full Potential by Getting Emotionally Naked

A Friday Night To Connect, Celebrate & Create.
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Be Brave. Be YourSelf.

The 3 Steps to Live Your Full Potential By Getting Emotionally Naked

  • Do you wonder how to connect to your full potential?
  • Do you feel there must be more to life than what you are doing and experiencing right now?
  • Do you want to shine your inner light?
  • Do you want to become a magnet for joyful moments?

Then it’s time to become naked. Emotionally. To live your true potential you need to be your true self. That means: you need to be real, authentic,  no makeup needed.

To attract happiness wherever you go it’s time to embrace the raw version of you, the version that you might have hidden deep down inside your heart. To shine your inner light, you need to be ready to be seen. 

What pieces of yourself did you throw away or hide? What emotions, feelings and memories have you pushed out of your system? It’s time to bring back all of those neglected pieces that are part of your soul.

When you are neglecting parts of yourself, you are neglecting your divinity.

You are a Divine Glow. Claim back your own divinity. Now.

This process of reclaiming all of your soul elements is making you feel whole and unshakable. Gather these lost parts of yourself. This is what we are doing in our live events: Empowering you to be your true self. Because we love all of who you are.

It’s time to be proud of who you are – your talents and your so-called weaknesses. Loving all of who you are and allowing others to see you creates true power. Being your true self inevitably leads to incredible inner strength and fulfillment. 

You soul knew exactly how you needed to be to live a remarkable life. Be that version!

The more you uncover your true self the more happiness is pouring into your life. And guess what follows happiness: passion, love and abundance by living your true potential. So stop pretending to be what you are not and be proud of who you are right now. 

Connecting to your soul’s desires will unleash your manifestation power to create whatever you desire in your life. Once you allow yourself to be your True Self and become fully authentic your manifestations flow and you become a beautiful creator of your future. 

The only way to live your true potential is through being connected with your soul and that’s easily done by listening to your heart – and not so much to your mind or subconscious.

Your heart-mind-connection has a tremendous effect on your manifestations. When your heart-mind-connection is blocked, it’s almost impossible to live your full potential. 

It’s time to SHINE. Learn:

  • how to create an unshakable self-worth
  • how to live your true potential by getting emotionally naked
  • how to access a source of infinite inner strength that enables you to live your true potential
  • how to stop your mind freaking out and let your heart guide you to create the most beautiful life you can imagine (and far beyond)

This gathering is for you, if …

  • you want to connect to the beauty of your soul
  • you want to activate your intuition and intuitively make wise decisions in your life
  • you want to feel deep self-love and self-appreciation
  • you want to feel appreciated by others, being seen and being loved
  • you want to tap into your creative potential and connect to the wisdom of your spirit and soul
  • you want to meet like-minded people, make new friends and have a magical time

There is a freedom in showing others who you truly are and being loved for being real.

In this evening event, you will experience deep emotions, create loving connections and fall madly in love with yourself and life:

You will learn…

  • how to build powerful and deep self-love that allows you to shine your inner light far beyond your expectations.

  • how to face your shadows and falling in love with them instead of trying to hide them.

  • how to be proud of every single aspect of your personality: your inner beauty, your inner darkness, your loving characteristics as well as the mean version of you. Without embracing all of who you are you will be hiding forever. Be brave, be real.

  • how to be seen, loved and hold and be comfortable with this loving support and appreciation of strangers: which basically means how to allow yourself to take instead of ‘just giving’ all the time. Without having a balance in taking and giving you lose your glow.

  • how to connect to your soul’s desires so that you can live your true potential.

  • how to shift your moods and vibrations permanently so that you manifest love, success and happiness through simply being your true self (the version your soul wants you to be).

  • how to overcome the 7 hidden fears of living your full potential so that you stop sabotaging your life purpose.

  • how to activate your innate manifestation power through dance, energy work and easy to do physical exercises to create a life in alignment with your soul purpose.

  • how to step into your intuition and be guided by your soul to live your full potential.

Eventually, it is all about how to become fully authentic and live your soul purpose. Why? Living in alignment with your soul’s desires creates ultimate joy and happiness… love and success always follow that calling.

Be Brave. Be YourSelf. You are so increadibly beautiful, it’s time to shine. -Kati

Join the ‘Be Brave: Be YourSelf’ Gathering

3 hours of live experience with Kati Gehrés,
filled with meditation, self-exploration and beautiful connections.

Dates: 4. Sep / 30. Oct / 15. Jan
Is it the same event all the time? Life is change. Every time you will experience different exercises, different levels of depths and insights and connect on a deeper level with your true self…

Time: 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Please be on time to be there for the opening ceremony. This isn’t a business meeting, so you won’t have to do the “I am, I do, I am here because” stuff… just be on time, there is a beauty in beginnings…

Location: Zurich-City

Language: English
What if your English isn’t perfect? There’s no need for you to speak English or have a huge vocabulary. This event is about love, emotions and feelings. And love is a universal language. Sometimes life is even more magical if we don’t speak the same language… and let our hearts talk with each other.

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About Kati Gehrés

Kati has helped more than 16’318 people through live events, online courses, speaking events and private coaching sessions to fall in love with themselves, use the power of their thoughts and emotions and create the life they are dreaming of.

  • More than 4,217 Coaching Sessions with her clients on love, abundance and soul purpose
  • More than 108 live training events on intuition, soul purpose, divine timing, & manifesting.
  • More than 16’318 people trained in connecting with their soul’s desires, manifesting their dreams and living their full potential.

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1 review for Evening Event: Be Brave. Be Yourself.

  1. Tanja

    Total spannend
    Total spannend, intensiv und eine grosse Bereicherung! Ich bin dankbar und glücklich, dass ich diese Erfahrung machen durfte. Sie hat mich sehr viel weiter gebracht.

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