Kati Gehres

SHINE: Your Manifestation Guide

Download all meditations that come along with your Manifestation Guide

Download your meditation and enjoy. It's not needed to do often, yet if you enjoy... go ahead!

Download your meditation and do it regularly until you feel full of love and compassion for yourself. This might take a few weeks. Be patient with yourself.

Download your meditation and do it for a few days in a row... Feel how sadness, anger and resementment go down. Keep on doing it until you feel totally fine about whatever happend. Yes, this is possible. Trust in yourself. You can do this.

Download your meditation here. Tuning in with the time when you were still a baby in your mother's womb is a powerful way to heal any self doubt and issues with self worth.

Download your meditation here. Whenever you need advice and guidance, it is a loving and wise way to ask your future self for guidance and support.

Connect to your soul's essence and start asking questions about your soul's dreams and your soul purpose.

What feelings do you want to experience more in your life. Define how to create these feelings.

Without forgiveness your heart will always carry pain, hurt and resentment. Clear it of now.

What are you jealous of and why are you limiting yourself by not having it?

You are the most important person to forgive. Self-forgiveness enables you to fall in love with yourself.

By understanding your family love patterns, you can start changing your thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

Understand the stories your subconscious is telling you and start changing them.

When a manifestation is not taking place you send out mixed messages. Figure out where you sabotage yourself.

Once you understood your false stories you can re-create a new story about yourself that you want to become a reality.