Your Personal 5min Inspiration: Ask Your Question

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Do you sometimes feel it would be nice to ask "the oracle" or "the Universe" or some "Wise Superpower"?

Discover the inspiratinal answers of the Universe.

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Ask Your Question

This is an offer that makes our heart dance with joy. It is something we want to explore with you. To give you a taste of what's possible when you are fully connected with your intuition. Fully connected with your inner guidance system. 


Do you sometimes wonder why you don't get ahead?

Do you sometimes wonder what your next step would be?

Do you sometimes wonder why something happened to you?

Do you sometimes feel it would be nice to ask "the oracle" or "the Universe" or some "Wise Superpower"?

Well, this is what we do - besides very structured and analytical in depth-analysis of your patterns.

Because we believe it needs both: Mind & Heart.


This one is all about "the Heart".

Nicole is an expert in receiving clear guidance from "a higher source" which we simply call God. Even so, we are definitely not religious as we do not believe in the church.

We do just believe in a higher guidance, a loving energy that supports us and everyone else.

So, what do you get?
About 'Ask Your Question':

  • You send us one question that you are having.
  • Whatever it is - as long as it is something personal about you: We will not be able to send you the next lottery numbers and other crazy stuff. But you can ask for help about issues that you are trying to solve, and for what you haven't figured out an answer yet.
  • Nicole will spend 5 minutes connecting with "that creative energy" (however you want to call it) and record it.
  • You receive loving support and wisdom that can help you in moving on in your life.
  • We send you the recording by email within 3 days.

This is what you need to do:

  • Click on "buy now". After that you receive an email confirmation from us and you reply to it... sending Nicole your question.
  • Your question should be 1 question not multiple.
  • It could be "why haven't I met my soulmate yet?" or "What do I need to do to be promoted?" or "Why do I struggle so much with love?" ... whatever is on your heart.
  • Nicole will tune in with your energy and check what's going on...
  • You will receive the answer in English.
  • If you are German-speaking: Write your question in German. And you get your answer in German. It's a recording that we send you by email. There is no written summary. It's voice only.
  • Let's play.

This is something you have never seen anywhere else. To me it's magical. And I am in a very happy position that I don't even have to pay for it...

Kati: I just ask my sister nonstop "can you ask God what to do?" ... There is such a beauty in these responses that I convinced her to share this with you.

And we do so for the most reasonable price, we could imagine. Because we want to inspire you, support you, embrace you with love.


With Love
Kati & Nicole


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Herzlichen Dank, liebe Nicole. Es war wundervoll deiner Stimme zu lauschen...Achtsam, ruhig und liebevoll. Es war, als würde meine Guidance durch dich hindurch sprechen. Das Universum findet immer Wege mit uns zu kommunizieren, wenn wir nur darum bitten. Danke für diese heilsamen Worte. Alles Liebe für Dich & Kati sendet euch Verena

Germany Germany

Ich danke Dir von Herzen für diese Hilfe. Sie war für mich von unschätzbarem Wert.

Liebe Nicole, ich bin zu Tränen gerührt. Über Deine Fähigkeit wahrzunehmen und über die Liebe, die in Dir ist und aus Dir strömt. Ich danke Dir von Herzen für diese Hilfe. Sie war für mich von unschätzbarem Wert. Alles Liebe Doris

Germany Germany

soothing and healing

Thank you for inspiration Nicole. This was so soothing and healing

Germany Germany

so nice and so true

I've already listened to it, so nice and so true. I will work on it, thank you so much! Big hug, Gyopar