The Secret 3 Step Formula to Shine Your Inner Beauty:

How to Fall in Love with YourSelf and Create a Life Full of Bliss: Watch the FREE MASTERCLASS with Kati Gehrés

When You Understand Who Your Soul wanted You to be... You start Creating a Life full of Bliss

Life is meant to be bliss. Yet so often we struggle and get stuck in emotions like sadness, loneliness, emptiness and don't know what to do to shift it around.

In our pursuit of happiness we try to shape our body in the most beautiful way, indulge into sports and diets and yet still struggle to love ourselves. The way you treat your body is a reflection of how/how much and if you love yourself... Because loving ourselves includes loving our body, face and skin the way it is. Loving yourself means to see the beauty of yourself.

Sometimes we don't buy into the "I have to be beautiful and slim and fit" industry, yet this doesn't mean you love yourself. Staying away from a loving beauty routine is also a reflection of a lack of self love. It's all about a healthy balance. Taking care of your needs and your body's needs without overdoing it.

Some indulge into their career, put work first, focus on their job or their business because they love working so much. Yet: Your career is only one part of life. We need a balance. And honestly: Working too much is the best place to hide a lack of self love and missing clarity about your soul's path. Because your soul's path does not equal your work! There is way more to it. And it is time to discover the path that your soul has chosen for you for this life.

So let's be honest.
Honest with yourself.
Honesty is an expression of self love by the way...

Do You Shine Your Inner Light?

Do you love being a woman?
Do you celebrate and nourish your female energies?
Do you allow yourself to have bliss in your life?

Or are you constantly pushing the limits?
Trying to "make more"? 
"Working" on your body?
Being frustrated with the way you look and live?

What if we could shift your emotions around? Because when we shift your emotions we shift your whole life. Sounds big, huuummm. Yes, it's big.

Your life is not meant to be wasted. You are not meant to be bored. Neither in a relationship that might not fit you nor in a job that doesn't express the beauty of your soul.

Yet, before you truly can start a blissful life you need to explore who you truly are. Who your soul wanted to you to be. Without clarity can surely can DO a lot, but it's not about the Doing, it's about CREATING the emotions, feelings, life, love that you are truly looking for.

So let's explore your most beautiful version. your true self. Watch the free masterclass and I will show you the 3 secret steps to Shine Your Inner Light.

Because: Once you shine your inner light, bliss comes without looking for it. Trust the Universe. It's all based on resonance. So you need to act in order to attract what you are longing for:

In this Free Masterclass you learn the 3 Secret Steps on how to Become the Most Exciting Version of Yourself.

In this Free Masterclass You Learn:

How to Fall in Love with Yourself and Create a Life full of Bliss

It’s Time To Live a Life According to Your Dreams and Desires. Therefore you fully need to embrace your female energies. Are you curious how to create constant and instant bliss in your life? Discover the 3 steps to fully feeling alive:

What Clients say about working with Kati:

Dear Kati,

Thank you for clarity in finding my way, my strength, my way to spark joy from within.

You found the very pricise spots to push, to make me go forward. You did it in a triggering, yet loving way. And the outcome is wonderful. Years of self criticism and diminishing has gone. 


Kati is a gifted coach – sensitively gifted, clear and loving, and very precise in her work. In the first session I was allowed to leave behind a lot of limiting beliefs.

Since then my life has been moving in a good direction – with ease and joy. Thank you very much.


Dear Kati
I am always impressed what I can recognize and experience through you and your coaching! Your seminar content and coaching form a strong foundation of my inner self. With this wonderful tool, I can dig deeper, connect with myself more intensively, and every time make quantum leaps in opening my inner potential.

I am deeply grateful to have met you and for this great gift! Your programs and coaching are fully recommended and addictive. ❤️


My coaching with Kati was wonder-FULL! We have much dissolved in my subject, which is a rather deep-seated and complex for me, and transformed.

After each session with Kati I feel so much easier, bringing in so much light and love.

The tightness, shame, resignation, sadness that I felt before, gave way to a warm, wide and soft feeling in my chest. And that gets stronger every now and then. The online course and the coaching are a blessing!

Kati is a blessing! She is very bright and just cool. Your joy is contagious. 🙂 I am looking forward to the next coachings.


Shine Your Inner Light. Your Soul has created an amazing journey for you. Own it. You are meant to enjoy your path and feel bliss.

If you don't live your soul's plan you will always feel that there is something missing

It' time to discover what your soul wanted you to learn and experience. That is your soul purpose. No, your soul purpose is NOT work. Work is a part of life, it can only be a part of your purpose. You did not come here to work.

You came here to experience the beauty of your soul. Don't let yourself be fooled by people who tell you "you need to find your soul purpose and turn it into work". You just need to live your soul's purpose to live a blissful life. 

Discover your soul plan. It is designed to make you joyful and blissful. It is unique to you. Happiness comes when you know who you truly wanted to be and by starting living in that way.

Your fears block you from being who you truly wanted to be. This is natural. It is called "spritual growth" or better said: Your personal ADVENTURE of life.

It's time to be the best version you wanted to be. Without struggle. Without drama. Without going the hard way. This is ego-stuff. Your soul knows how to dance through life. Learn how to connect to that energy again. In a very simple and down-to-earth way. It's the most beautful way I know. And I will show it to you:

Why Kati can help you:

Kati has inspired more than 16’000 people to live their true self and create a life they desire.

In more than 4’217 personal 1-to-1 coachings she has supported her clients in getting clarity about their soul's desires and connect with their Divine Energy.