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SYNBRACE⁺ is Medical Skinscare. On the basis of the latest scientific findings. developed. Only active ingredients with a proven effect are used. 

6 anti-aging tips and tricks for eternal youth

"Our organism is a machine with moving parts like a car or an airplane," says British gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, "the longer it is in operation, the more wear and tear it shows. The fact is that no one can escape the effects of ageing.

The actual ageing process usually starts between 25 and 30 years. We cannot stop this process, but we can take countermeasures. The following routines and tips will help us.

1. healthy nutrition.
Numerous studies show that a balanced diet keeps us healthy longer. A lot of fruit and vegetables as well as the high-quality omega-3 acids of fish do us good, because they contain vitamins and antioxidants that intercept cell-damaging radicals. Animal fats and excessive sugar should be avoided.

2. Stay mentally fit.
Learning a new language or a new sport, dancing, discovering new games and travelling - everything that challenges the mind keeps it fit.

3. cosmetics with high-quality ingredients for our skin.
The skin is the mirror of our health. Regular care ensures good blood circulation and makes the skin appear rosy and firm. If you decide to order a high-quality Anti Aging Serum, the Online Shop is DIVINE GLOW just the thing for you. The serum SYNBRACE⁺ supplies the body with important molecules that restart cell circulation. Wrinkles are reduced and the skin looks younger.

4. athletic movement
Sport offers a high health potential because it strengthens our organism and improves blood circulation. Who is slim, burdens his body less. Joints and organs wear out more slowly.

5. Smokers look older.
Smoking is one of the number 1 old men because it endangers the heart, blood vessels and brain and causes cancer. A smoker is often recognized by his pale and wrinkled skin.

6. sleep enough
Sufficient sleep and recovery are important factors for the body to regenerate. In the resting phases, he uses his energies to strengthen his defences and recharge his own batteries.

We need balance in life.

Give them to your skin, too:

One Order Anti Aging Serum, for example SYNBRACE⁺, can therefore be one of the many keys to a more beautiful skin be.

By the way: "cosmetic" is a term from the Greek. The term derives from the word "Kosmein", which means "cosmetic". the creation of order as a whole means. In the ancient Greeks, the term cosmetics did not only stand for external care, but it was also used for the interplay of cleaning, hygiene, sports activities and nutrition.

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Real power against wrinkles: SYNBRACE⁺ anti-aging serum Two drops will do: A highly effective anti-aging serum that is applied under the face cream and works more effectively against wrinkles than normal anti-aging cream. Anti Wrinkle Serum SYNBRACE⁺ directly here in the Onlineshop buy. Discover the highly effective anti-wrinkle serums: The SYNBRACE⁺ anti-wrinkle serum The signs of the times can also be counteracted without beauty surgery and the like, if you rely on the right anti-aging products. Why should I prefer a serum to a anti-wrinkle cream? In general, a serum contains three to four times as many active ingredients as a cream. That's why serums are more expensive than anti-aging cream. Serums against wrinkles penetrate deeper and better than creams. A serum contains particularly small molecules. When should I start using an anti-aging serum? A facial anti-wrinkle serum is more effective than an anti-wrinkle cream. An anti-aging serum can penetrate deeper into the skin. From the age of 30 it is recommended to use a light anti-wrinkle serum against wrinkles. If you have been exposed to the sun a lot, your skin will need a rich anti-wrinkle cream sooner. You can buy the Anti Aging Serum SYNBRACE⁺ from DIVINE GLOW Anti Wrinkle directly here online in the Anti Wrinkle Serum Shop. From the age of 40 it is recommended to use an anti-aging serum against wrinkles. Because then your skin needs more moisture and care than in the years before. How long should a anti-wrinkle serum be used? An anti-wrinkle serum should be applied permanently so that the skin is ideally cared for. A permanent application provides intensive care so that the skin is protected from harmful environmental influences. How do you recognize a good anti-aging serum? A high quality anti-wrinkle serum logically has high quality and therefore highly effective ingredients. Speak active ingredients. Good active ingredients lead to a good anti-wrinkle serum. Their job is to cushion and smooth your skin, provide it with sufficient moisture and protect it from free radicals. Good anti-wrinkle serums should contain highly concentrated and high-quality active ingredients. The SYNBRACE⁺ SKIN PERFECTIONER SERUM was developed on the basis of the latest scientific findings. The innovative anti-aging serum ensures intelligent skin perfection and thus tight and radiantly beautiful skin from the depths of the cells. All skin care products DIVINE GLOW are free from synthetic fragrances, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, PEG emulsifiers, preservatives and fillers. Each individual ingredient serves a specific purpose or cares for the skin.
 As characteristics of the two high-tech sera, the high concentration of coordinated synergistic active ingredients is particularly noteworthy. The skin is pampered and strengthened sustainably through the careful selection of ingredients and their proven effect. The natural barrier function of the skin is strengthened by the contained cold-pressed, organically cultivated oil components, which leads to a more beautiful skin appearance. Does it matter where the anti-wrinkle serum is produced? There are other regulations worldwide regarding hygiene. Imports from China or India should be avoided, as hygiene regulations are hardly observed there. In Germany, cosmetic products are inspected by the respective supervisory authority of the federal states. The authorities take samples and carry out checks on the manufacturers. They are supported by experts from the chemical investigation offices. Production in Germany is thus a quality feature. SYNBRACE⁺ is Medical Skincare made in Germany. You're a DIVINE GLOW.