True Beauty is created Through a Loving Heart: Divine Glow combines inner and outer beauty.

What if your wrikles could be reduced through love and science?

DIVINE GLOW is a heart business that helps women look younger and brighter:

Founded by Kati and Nicole Gehrés. Two sisters with a vision: Connecting the inner beauty with the outer beauty. 

Kati Gehrés on her reasons for founding the family business DIVINE GLOW:
"We would like Helping women see their own perfection. Our skin is the mirror of our soul. When we're happy, our faces shine. If we are sad, more wrinkles appear and the skin looks grey.

That's why we combine the highly effective anti-wrinkle serum SYNBRACE⁺ with coaching for the heart (you can't do the Order Anti Wrinkle Serum here). True beauty emerges in the heart.

If we heal your heart, we reduce the stress in your body and thus your body gets more capacities to let the regeneration processes run perfectly. This leads to a rejuvenation of your skin. Because only if your body has enough time for these regeneration processes can your body begin to rejuvenate again."

Nicole Gehrés on her motivation to develop the Anti Aging Serum SYNBRACE⁺: 
"I have over 14 years of experience in the development of cosmetics, medical ointments and care products. 

After all these years I was disappointed by the ethics of many cosmetic manufacturers for whom I often developed very expensive cosmetic products such as creams, serums or lotions. The costs were always in the foreground. The production had to be cheap. The ingredients were used so often in far too small quantities - so that it can be declared as an ingredient in marketing, but without any real effect in later use.

I wanted to develop something that I could fully stand by. Highly effective. Anti aging because it's so important to us women. Free of harmful substances. Healthy for the skin. The state of the art in science. Not cost-optimized but result-oriented. For love. 

That's how it came into DIVINE GLOWbeing. With two anti aging sera. Because serums are much more effective than an anti wrinkle cream. They go deep into the skin. With a combination of active ingredients that no other company would offer at this price. We have always learned to give the best in our family, so an excellent result always comes first for us."

Our values are Honesty, authenticity and love. Here you can download the download free meditation from Kati... and at the same time you get our weekly Love Notes. 2 lines full of loving inspiration, once a week. We want to help you feel more beautiful.

We want you to open your heart to all the love, abundance and joy that surrounds you.

With love,
Kati & Nicole

How Kati Gehrés lost her beauty overnight

... and why DIVINE GLOW only contains high-quality active ingredients and is free of any harmful substances.

Until my mother takes me in her arms. Who knows how long she stood next to it. I only noticed it when she pulled my face out of the snow and held me in her arms.

How did this happen? I didn't understand that myself then. It was a mixture of cosmetics that did me no good and the surprising separation from my first boyfriend. My face was on fire. For many months. I don't know how many more. It was too bad.

What happens when your doctor tells you, "I can't help you." And when the next doctor says, "I'm sorry, but I can't help you." 

"I can't help you." Over and over and over again. I was 18. A party girl, an excellent high school graduate, the world lay before me and suddenly it broke up. For overnight my beauty was gone and the purulent yellow encrusted skin of my face was there. And again and again the words "I can't help you."

Looking back, I'm infinitely grateful for my family. We're fighters. We never give up. A "I can't help you." That just wasn't an acceptable answer. I have decided that I want a life worth living... and with time the pain, the burning, the itching, the wounds, the pus have disappeared. 

As if by magic, there is not a single scar that recalls this time. 

The skin heals easily.
The skin can become regenerate
The skin forgives. 
The skin can radiate again at any time.

I know what it feels like not to be beautiful. I wasn't pretty. We hung up the mirrors and I had the feeling that everyone was running on tiptoe during this time. I know what it does to your confidence when you're not as beautiful as you'd like to be.

And I also know that we can change anything.. Anything. Our looks. Our feelings. Our lives. It's all in our hands.

After more than 18 years, the greatest pain of my life has created something wonderful. DIVINE GLOW: Our family business.

Out of all the suffering, something great can always arise. In between lies the healing.

If I hadn't lived through this terrible time, my life would have been different. That's how I became a coach. With the mission to awaken the radiance in women. 

I have accompanied over 16,000 women in rediscovering and shining their inner light. With online trainings, seminars and coaching programs. All this with a desire for inner beauty. The inside rays. The DIVINE GLOW in every woman.

It made perfect sense to combine my work on the inner beauty of women with the work of my sister who takes care of the outter beauty of women. As on the outside, so on the inside. And as on the inside, so on the outside. Combine both, we heal faster. Let us come more into love and joy. 

The result: high-quality, authentic and highly effective anti aging serumsthat work. Never again shall such a sad story happen to a woman. The Anti Wrinkle Serum SYNBRACE⁺ from DIVINE GLOW is intensively effective against wrinkles. Click here to go to the Anti Wrinkle Serum Shop.

That's how it came into DIVINE GLOW being. A sister company, supported by the Mission to awaken the divine glow in every woman and more and more and more to light up. 

I want to share that radiance with you. And honestly, not just with you. But with millions of childrenBut that's another story: our heart's desires, our giving for others.

Of every serum you buy from us, a part goes directly to children's aid projects. Find out more here >> 

It's wonderful to share. 
Happiness grows when we share it. 

And you're part of it now. 
I hope you can feel it. 
The magic. 
The joy.

I love every minute of my life. 
And I wish you the same.

With Love

If you want to develop a highly effective anti-aging serum, you have to be free of cost pressure and profit expectations of your clients:

Nicole Gehrés von Divine Glow: Anti-Aging beginnt in den Zellen: Der luxuriöse Wirkstoffkomplex SYNBRACE⁺ wirkt intensiv und nachhaltig gegen Falten.

If you understand how the body works, you can change and control mechanisms - by specifically developing combinations of active substances for them.

You can download the Anti Aging Serum SYNBRACE⁺ of DIVINE GLOW anti wrinkle directly here online in the Anti Wrinkle Serum Shopbuy.

During my time at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT), I researched how food can have a preventive effect on cancer cells. The result was a scientific article (click here for the published abstract), which emphasizes that anyone can support their body in healing.

Subsequently, I developed drugs and cosmetic products for an innovative company on a scientific basis, as well as active ingredients and enzymes for large cosmetic companies.

My job was to make cosmetics and science to unite. I analyzed cosmetics and showed scientists the potential of the active ingredients and how they can be used.

Up to this point my life was very much influenced by the external norms and conditions. So I decided to leave everything behind and travel for a certain period of time. Just to do what I feel is beautiful and important in my life. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

To rediscover everything day by day, to meet nice people and to make new friends was wonderful and I am very grateful for that. But in this time I have also come much closer to myself. I realized what was really important in my life.

I used to love my work and was always aware of what I wanted to do and what I didn't want to do. A new focus has emerged. Love for the customer. Giving what makes sense. And do it the way it makes me happy. Anti Wrinkle Serum SYNBRACE⁺ buy directly here in the Onlineshop >

Before Kati and I started our family business, I was responsible for scientific inquiries and quality assurance as well as the development of new cosmetic formulations for a German cosmetics manufacturer.

I love to combine creativity and science.

Whoever wants the best results must be free. Free of financial specifications of the client and profit specifications.

My ambition was to be a cosmetics line to create an effect that works in the depths -sustainable. Anti wrinkle serum SYNBRACE⁺ directly here: To shop.

With a high concentration of real active ingredients, so that it not only looks good in advertising, but above all in the Face of our customers. 

Of course, the production is much more expensive, because we highly concentrated active ingredients use hand in hand work. Even a single active ingredient could make up a product of its own.

The joy of developing our active ingredient complex was pure fulfillment. Seeing what we can do with it makes me feel grateful.

DIVINE GLOW unites everything that is important to me personally: scientific expertiseauthenticity and creativity at the research and Development of of formulations. We use active ingredients whose effect has already been proven and combine them to achieve the greatest possible benefit.

Giving is important to both of us. I am grateful that we support children's aid projectsDIVINE GLOW. With honest cosmetics.

Create the best that is possible. Always develop at the cutting edge of science. Without cost specifications from management. Because now I'm part of it and my sister and I share the same values.

The decision to bring my dreams and my knowledge alive together with my sister makes my life truly perfect.

I enjoy developing our family business every day. It's what I really love. I'm thankful that we're many beautiful children's aid projects provide assistance and so even more beautiful things can come of it. 

With Love

Reactivate your body's own rejuvenation process

You want to know more? Write us:

Is there an anti-wrinkle cream that really helps? An anti-wrinkle cream is needed at the latest when the first wrinkles appear on the face. Wrinkles are caused by facial expressions such as smiles or brooding. Fine lines are quickly drawn around the eyes and mouth, which no longer disappear on their own. Now it's time for an anti-wrinkle cream, also known as an anti-aging cream. An anti-wrinkle serum or anti-aging serum is better suited for this. Anti wrinkle serum SYNBRACE⁺ directly here in the Onlineshop buy. How does an anti-wrinkle cream work? How does a anti-wrinkle serum? An unhealthy diet, too little sleep, smoking or UV radiation all cause the skin to age. These factors cause the skin to age and wrinkles develop. With age, the speed at which new cells are formed slows down. In addition, the cells absorb less moisture. Collagen is broken down in the deeper skin layers. And so the skin loses elasticity. Deep wrinkles form. And then there are free radicals, which attack the skin and can destroy the cells. A high-quality anti-ageing serum solves this even better than a high-quality anti-wrinkle cream. The anti-wrinkle serum stimulates collagen production in the upper skin layers and replenishes the collagen. At the same time, vitamin complexes, so-called antioxidants, help so that the skin looks younger again. Antioxidants bind the free radicals and thus maintain the skin's natural protective acid mantle. This means that a good anti-aging serum supplies the skin with a lot of moisture and thus replumps it. The result is the disappearance or reduction of unsightly wrinkles. Advantages of anti-aging sera: The most important task of an anti-wrinkle serum is to reduce wrinkles and cushion wrinkles. Especially around the eyes, small wrinkles quickly appear which make the skin look tired. An anti-wrinkle serum for the eyes makes these wrinkles disappear and disappear. A further advantage of the high-tech anti-wrinkle creams (these are the SYNBRACE⁺ Anti-Aging Serums namely) is that this ideally moisturizes the skin and restarts the rejuvenation of the skin. Another advantage of SYNBRACE⁺ is that the ingredients in the highly concentrated anti-wrinkle cream are present in a high concentration. In other words: you need less of it and the result is better than with a standard anti-wrinkle cream. Buy Anti Wrinkle Serum Our upper skin layers renew themselves on average every 30 days because new cells grow back from the inside. A network of collagen fibres keeps the skin elastic and stores moisture like a sponge. This perfect interplay in the depths of our skin fades over the years and we age. Transport routes for collagen formation wear out, and the necessary molecules no longer do justice to their task of keeping the skin smooth. This natural process works SYNBRACE⁺ SKIN PERFECTIONER SERUM towards him. Its effect is based on scientific studies on collagen synthesis, which SYNBRACE⁺ from another anti-wrinkle serum you can buy on the market. SYNBRACE⁺ SKIN PERFECTIONER SERUM uses the power of hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of various types of connective tissue that causes virtually no allergies or intolerances. In the cells, the acid binds water and converts it into a gel-like material that forms the skin cells like a buffer. This methodology makes itself SYNBRACE⁺ SKIN PERFECTIONER SERUM to keep the skin smooth and beautiful for longer. Thanks to highly effective high-tech amino acids unfolded SYNBRACE⁺ its effectiveness directly in the subcutaneous layers, which are crucial for the production of fresh cells. Wrinkles are filled and the skin is visibly firmer. So why buy any anti-wrinkle serum when we can give the body what it needs: the active ingredient complex of SYNBRACE⁺ SKIN PERFECTIONER facial serum. Through an intelligent skin renewal stimulates SYNBRACE⁺ the formation of the body's own hyaluron and synchronizes the cells. Moisture and elasticity of the skin improve quickly and lastingly. Our skin, like all other organs, is subject to an aging process. We can maintain our health and attractiveness by not buying the next best anti-wrinkle serum, but by looking at the effect of SYNBRACE⁺ SKIN PERFECTIONER. Even a healthy lifestyle is good for our skin. Foods with antioxidants such as eggplants and blueberries protect us from free radicals and sufficient exercise ensures good blood circulation to the skin.