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Most Trusted Healer for Trauma & Money Blocks in Germany & Switzerland

Abuse. Trauma. Deep Healing. Helping others to Shine.

I know that we all can overcome anything. Anything. Why I know? I did.

While I have everything I want in my life today, that wasn't the case for a long time. I was very "unhappy" for a long time, even if I never understood why. Only many decades later did I understand it: a suppressed sexual abuse lay like a shadow over my life.

Even as a child I could see clairvoyantly. And I felt other people's feelings and thoughts. I saw their fears and concerns. And the most important thing: I loved them despite their "faults". And I've always seen the beauty in them too.


I can see the truth in other people.

That means: I see their shadow and their beauty. And so it was clear that when I was ready, I would help others. When we heal the shadow and allow ourselves to shine, anything is possible.

My childhood shaped me. It was important for me to feel what was going on with the people around me.. because there was a lot of fighting, nasty words and I felt like I was in a "war zone". Grandma 1 doesn't like mom. Grandma 2 is always mean to mom. Grandpa 2 is a taboo subject. Mom and Dad fight all the time.

And then there was this abuse. A sexual abuse when I was not even 5 years old. And which I had pushed aside for many years.

It trained my senses. Even though I was never aware that the way I see others, not everyone can see. Our greatest suffering produces our greatest gifts - if we overcome suffering. When we heal the old pain


Healing for the Soul happens when we are READY for it.

I lived a "normal" life: studying, product manager, profit center manager, business development manager... a normal employee life at the end of the day. And always the feeling: That's not it, it's fun, but it's not the REAL ME. I often asked myself "Who am I?". (You should ask yourself too. It is such a powerful question)

I have read many books in my life. One every week. As a child, I loved immersing myself in other worlds. And later spirituality fascinated me. How do you heal the soul? How do you heal your heart? What exactly is energy and how does it work?

A journey to healing my own wounds began. I've tried a variety of techniques. Techniques for the "mind", techniques for the heart, healing sessions with countless healers, training and education. It was a journey into the depths of my heart.

In the end I had invested €150,000 in my healing and all the training. It was worth every penny. I'm happier today than ever. Every day is beautiful. Every person an adventure. My life is full of love And I live surrounded by my soul family by the sea. Beautiful beaches, cenotes, jungle. A life that is as beautiful as I could never have dreamed.


Healing for the Soul: It takes you to Your Soul Purpose

Once I was "healed enough," I naturally began to help others. I shared my knowledge with others. So I met a healer who ran a large healing center and she wanted a session with me. After that I had a lot of customers. She recommended me to her clients and they in turn recommended me to their friends and sent their families.

In no time I was having 40 clients every week and was fully booked 3 months in advance. It was an exciting time. full of healing Joy. And creativity.

I have given well over 4,300 one-on-one sessions with clients and accompanied more than 16,000 people on their own soul healing journey. It is one of the most beautiful gifts of my life, I am very grateful for it.

That's why I see the patterns and limitations, the fears and the hidden trauma of others much more easily and quickly than a normal coach. I had so many clients, it sharpend my senses and abilities. Instead of  years full of sessions, 2 months are usually enough for big topics like trauma and abuse. And we can even heal a lot in one session.


Healing for the Soul: How fast is it?

For example, I helped a customer get a 70,000,000 euro deal back in just 1 session. 1 session that cost her 1000 euros. 70,000,000 euros that she recovered.

I have a client who came with breast cancer, we did 1 session. 6 months later her test results at the doctor were good. She came back and now wanted to "work on her mother-in-law". i love these stories. How people find their healing and their strength. There are countless of them.

A man came to one of my seminars with his whole family. He had great difficulty walking, standing and sitting. So almost always. They all worked together on his illness. 3 days. We did 2 more individual sessions. He was pain free. It is the power of our hearts that heals us. Our will to heal. And the love that envelops us and allows us to grow beyond our limitations.

I usually work with my clients on the topics of soul business, money and love. I do NOT specialize in diseases. But they are simply an expression of injuries that have not healed for far too long.


Healing for the Soul: Why is it faster than anything else?

I believe that healing can be quick. And I don't need your money, because the money I earn I increase through my investments. So I have no financial pressure. I don't have to do 20 sessions with you to make good money. I make good money. This takes all financial pressure out of my system - a pressure that most other healers are subject to.

This is exactly the reason why I share my knowledge of money and my money contacts with others. The less financial pressure we have, the freer we are. The more our mind and faith can create. The easier we act out of love.

Believe in you. Believe in your healing. Whether lovesick, money worries or illnesses. You can bring everything back into balance. Healing is always possible.

I work with many women on sexual abuse that they experienced in childhood or later. It is something that destroys our boundaries, boycotts love for ourselves and leads to a lack of trust in life and others.

All of that can be healed.
When we put our greatest hurts behind us, we are free.
We shine again.

And that is exactly my mission: help you shine again.

With love


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