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... it's because of Childhood Trauma, Abuse and Money Blocks

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Kati Gehres is Europe's #1 soul whisperer. She is in the circle of experts of the well-know German magazine freundin and she writes for the magazine YogaWorld. Kati is an expert on money blocks, abuse and success.

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Specialized in healing deep-seated trauma, money blocks & buliding your soul business:

It may sound absurd. What do abuse and success have to do with each other? A lot. When you've experienced abuse (whether it's sexual, physical, emotional, verbal, or energetic), your whole system is programmed to hide you. The attention of others will create panic in your nervous system. Your system doesn't want attention, it wants to protect you.

Money blocks. The fear of visibility. The idea of ​​being worth nothing.

Money problems and lack of success in the heart business are often the result of abuse. Because the abuse you have experienced affects all areas of your life: Your partnership. Your heart business. Your health.

Many women don't remember childhood sexual abuse experiences until they are in their 30s. Physical, energetic, verbal and emotional abuse, on the other hand, is not forgotten.

The consequences of unhealed abuse: inability to trust, having to control everything, fear of being rejected, fear of being judged, not letting anyone get close to you, wanting to help others. And: Hiding mode.

Victims of abuse very often become coaches themselves. For them, coaching is a business that is close to their hearts and they are very sensitive helpers. But if they are not healed, their business cannot be successful or their business goes in waves - because they are sabotaging themselves.

Success, love and being happy are only possible when your ego is no longer afraid of being seen and allows you money. - Kati Gehres

Your successful soul business:

If you are living in alignment with your soul, your soul business will shine.

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What do money blocks, success and abuse have to do with each other?

A lot.

Every third woman has experienced sexual assault. That's a very large number. Then there are the other types of abuse: emotional, verbal, physical, and energetic.

And since that sounds so abstract: Being beaten, being belittled with words, not getting love, performance against love, being sent away, being ignored, being used as a substitute for love, never being enough...

If these women become self-employed, then they will not be so easy to be successful. Because they are afraid of being seen, afraid that their limits will be crossed again and they (subconsciously) don't believe that they are worth being respected and treated well.

A woman who has experienced abuse "naturally" blocks her abundance and success (and with it money, customers, orders, flow).

And if she then has success and money, she will ruin the success again and not be able to keep the money. Because she doesn't think abundance is really worth it.

And so her life goes in waves: success. Failure. abundance. Defect.

When we heal the abuse, we heal any money blockages right away.

I work with women who want to be full and proud and happy again. Maybe for the first time.

Even if you haven't experienced abuse, there is often abuse in the family that can block the success of your business. If you're not having enough success, there's always an underlying reason and we can figure it out and heal it.

We often need to heal our family DNA first in order to have success and abundance in life.

Manifest Easily by Healing Your Heart:

Heal Your Heart & Release Energetic Blockages

There are many ways of healing. Choose yours:

Manifesting Abundance. Clearing Money Blocks. Healing Your Heart.

It’s Time To Live Your True Potential
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Soul Reading Kati Gehres

What your soul wants to tell you:

Kati talks to your soul about the fears and blockages in your subconscious and shows you what needs to be healed.

Connect with the truth of your soul:

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Healing Session with Kati Gehres: Heal your heart, clear your energetical blocks, feel abundance

Healing for the Soul:

Your soul knows your life patterns, your fears and deepest blockages. And it can also show us how to overcome it.

In the mentoring and the individual sessions with Kati you will find deep healing and transformation.

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Manifest Easily by Healing Your Heart:

Creating love and abundance with the soul:

Heal your heart and start manifesting through your Divine essence.

Your soul conjured up this life for you: All the magical moments and all the defeats. All the losses and all the heart-filling gifts. All. Your soul has recorded, written, planned everything that you have experienced for you... even if the soul plans completely differently than our mind.

So the key to understanding who you really are is to enter into a deep and intimate, open and honest dialogue with your soul. Your soul will always tell you the truth in a language you understand. It is never mean, hard or cold – only our ego, with which we like to make ourselves small, can do that. The voice of your soul comes from creation, it is pure love. - Kati Gehres

Your soul wants to see you dance, see you sing, see you embrace the world. Your soul has made beautiful plans for you and that is exactly what needs to be explored.

The most frequently asked question in my soul readings is "What is my calling?" or "How can I live my soul purpose?". But let's start at the beginning. We cannot do step 2 before step 1. That only brings chaos. In order to see what your purpose is in this life, it is important to first recognize who you really are.

Who are you? not your name. Not your nationality. Not your origin. Not your looks. Not your gender. Especially not your job. Not your marital status... who are you? It is the most difficult question we face. And the most exciting question at the same time.

It helps you to recognize what gifts and talents you have brought into this life and how you want to live them. We are not endowed with talents by creation and then let them atrophy. Your gifts want to be lived, your soul strives for them, your heart searches for ways... and your ego (the fear within you) all too often gets in the way.

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The Only Way to Live Your True Potential is Through Opening Your Heart:

... and listening to your soul

Noora deeply embraced her female power

Haana-Lena is on her personal path to bliss

Author for well-known Magazines:

Manifest Easily by Healing Your Heart:

Your soul has built in stumbling blocks: For your personal growth

What would a hero's journey be if the hero didn't have to overcome obstacles? What would your victories and achievements be worth if they just happened to you. We want to feel. And so we want to feel how proud it is of ourselves to have accomplished something, to have transformed something, to have really overcome an obstacle.

Our soul strives back into harmony, inner balance, peace of mind... and so you are gently but steadily "driven" by it throughout your life. It helps you to move forward, sometimes gently and sometimes intensively - always as you need it.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to clearly understand what's happening? To understand what your soul wants to communicate to you? Therein lies the magic of an easy and fulfilling life: recognizing and understanding the whispers of the soul. For then no darkness is overwhelming, no abyss shocking, and no goal unreachable.

If you trust and follow your soul, then you will be guided on your way. It's not always an easy path. The path is often even more strenuous than we think or wish for. But it is the most fulfilling path you will ever walk. it's your way Nothing to replace it. Designed by you - because nothing fulfills you more and makes you happy than this soul path you have chosen.

Kati taught me how to listen my heart.
She taught how to purify anger, sorrow, etc. from the heart. The heart-tracking path is linked to a vulnerability. I got support, security and guidance from Kati. So, I dared to open myself to the vulnerability. After that big changes have started to take place within me.


Kati is great! With her clear, honest and authentic nature, she helps you on the way to more fullness, joie de vivre, strength and awareness. I am very grateful that I found a cool mental coach like Kati! Thank you thank you thank you!


Become crystal clear on your vision and purpose in life. Let your fears behind and live your authentic self:

Ritu got clarity and inner strength

Larisa started her own business

What Clients Say About Working With Kati:

Kati ist in jeder Sitzung glasklar zum Ursprung meiner persönlichen Blockaden gelangt und hat mir meine bisherigen, hinderlichen Denk- und Handlungsmuster aufgezeigt. Dies tat sie mit unglaublich viel Herz, Wärme und Empathie.

Ich habe so viel über mich gelernt & fühle mich so großartig seitdem. Und das spiegelt sich auch in der äußeren Welt wider: in den Beziehungen zu anderen Menschen & in meinem Business. Ich habe viele powervolle Mindset Shifts erlebt und lebe seitdem bewusster.

Mein Leben ist befreiter, ich fühle mich um Tonnen an emotionalem Ballast erleichtert.
Von Herzen danke, liebe Kati

- Heike

From the experience with some coaches, I can simply say that Kati is really an exception in their profession.

As effective as she works, gets to the bottom of things and then comes to surprising topics, I was rarely allowed to experience elsewhere. If you want to experience a premium coaching, go to Kati

- Claudia

Joining Kati's program was one of the best professional choices I’ve ever made. She has the gift to always see the full potential of her participants and lovingly but definitely bring us there. Everyone in this program will grow beyond themselves to their true greatness.


- Charlotte

Ich kann das Coaching mit Kati aus ganzem Herzen empfehlen! Ihre klare und liebevolle Art macht es mir immer wieder möglich mich auf meine inneren Prozesse einzulassen.

Ich bin sehr dankbar Kati in Form ihrer vielfältigen Online-Kurse und auch im 1:1 an meiner Seite zu wissen.

Ich suche mir aus den vielen Kurs-Audios täglich intuitiv „das Richtige für mich“ heraus und wenn ich meine inneren Hindernisse und Blockaden nicht alleine gelöst bekomme, buche ich mir ergänzend eine 1:1 Sitzung. Das klappt für mich wunderbar und bringt mir großartige Ergebnisse!

In Liebe und Dankbarkeit, Birthe


Dear Kati, the session with you was really amazing! You just show with a lot of love, understanding and ease, what is possible and where it can go if you solve this issues and let go of old. I’m really looking forward to the other dates with you and the subsequent development. Coaching deluxe I would say!

- Kira
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Joining Kati’s program was one of the best professional choices I’ve ever made. She has the gift to always see the full potential of her participants and lovingly but definitely bring us there. Everyone in this program will grow beyond themselves to their true greatness.



Die Coachings mit Kati sind ein Balsam für die Seele. Sie findet immer schnell die Angst, Blockade oder den negativen Glaubenssatz und obwohl es manchmal schmerzt die eigene Angst ‘in den Augen’ zu schauen, findet Kati einen liebevollen und klaren Weg, das ganze zu lösen.
Sehr bestimmt und effizient, mit Liebe und verständnisvoll.

Danke Dir liebe Kati für die wertvollen Coachings!
(Ich freue mich auf die nächsten Beratungen mit Dir) 😊

Alles Liebe

- Maria

You always feel safe and secure even when it comes to very deep and painful topics. It opens your eyes and also supports the client with practical tips. After each session, I feel a little lighter and clearer, as if she had lifted my veil.

- Petra

Kati is a gifted coach – sensitively gifted, clear and loving, and very precise in her work. In the first session I was allowed to leave behind a lot of limiting beliefs. Since then my life has been moving in a good direction – with ease and joy. Thank you very much

- Martina
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Dear Kati
Just wanted to say thank you. Your last coaching helped me a lot and strengthened me in my yoga teacher project 🙂 Feel “armed” now, thanks to you 🙂 Thank you

- Steffi

My coaching with Kati was wonder-FULL! We have much dissolved in my subject, which is a rather deep-seated and complex for me, and transformed.

After each session with Kati I feel so much easier, bringing in so much light and love.

The tightness, shame, resignation, sadness that I felt before, gave way to a warm, wide and soft feeling in my chest. And that gets stronger every now and then. The online course and the coaching are a blessing!

Kati is a blessing! She is very bright and just cool. Your joy is contagious. 🙂 I am looking forward to the next coachings and trainings.

- Kathrin

Kati’s coachings are clear, structured and to the point. She finds the big chunks that really get in your way as you move forward, as well as the little hidden ones and dissolves them.

It is always important for me to understand why I repeated certain patterns of behavior over and over again and stood in the way. Kati provides these explanations “understandably packed” with.

Every single coaching has helped me a lot. If you want to change your life, Kati is the place for you. Loving and clear company included. I’m just thrilled with her very professional nature and the beautiful changes in my life.

- Heike

Hooray! After two coachings with Kati, I have many more customers. Fortunately, there are such gifted coaches as Kati:

In just two coaching sessions, Kati has wonderfully guided me through my own jungle to the very causes that kept me from more customers. She does that very clearly, lovingly and very efficiently.

Throughout the coaching, I felt comfortable and could then see my beliefs – that is very valuable. And I’ve got exactly the right programs and feelings from Kay, which now bring me a lot more customers. I am in flow, very nice.

Thank you Kati from heart to heart

More about the Online Course >>

Dear Kati
I am always impressed what I can recognize and experience through you and your coaching! Your seminar content and coaching form a strong foundation of my inner self. With this wonderful tool, I can dig deeper, connect with myself more intensively, and every time make quantum leaps in opening my inner potential.

I am deeply grateful to have met you and for this great gift! Your programs and coaching are fully recommended and addictive. ❤️

- Mirella

Many thanks for your empathic nature, your purposeful coaching and the release of my blockages. I’m happy about what has changed since then.


It always makes me crazy to see how the sessions run with you. It’s unbelievable how clever, skillful and perceptive you are to get you on the right track, what’s amazing and how “right” it feels. See you soon, dear Kati, I’m looking forward to the session ♥

- Regina

Dear Kati,
the coaching was terrific !!! I am looking forward to our further work !!!
I was so relieved after the coaching with you, it felt like the famous stone fell from my heart. Since then, I have been walking through life more easily and livelier, and obviously, old blocks and beliefs have come to an end.
Thank you very much for your very pleasant and professional support, I am looking forward to our next appointment and send you warm greetings


Wooow, one day after our coaching, I felt SO different, freed up a lot and again connected with my heart, my heart.

Feel the flow again, started teaching yoga and giving workshops on empowerment … and the next day I wrote down a 6-week empowerment program.

With Adam, it is much better, I can observe much better and does not have to react immediately.

Thanks, thanks, thanks Kati !! Big hug,

- Aleks

I was so surprised what is possible with a targeted coaching. I’m thrilled with how easy Kati has been to come up with the underlying beliefs on my topic.

I am amazed how quickly such a block can be removed. I’ve tried other cochings, but none was as profound, fast and effective as this one. Kati is very friendly, competent and sensitive. I felt understood and totally accepted. I am so happy that I have found Kati’s website and can wholeheartedly recommend working with her. Thanks Kati!

- Carinna
More about the Online Course >>

Every single coaching has helped me a lot. If you want to change your life, Kati is the place for you.

Loving and clear company included. I’m just thrilled with her very professional nature and the beautiful changes in my life.


It was incredible. I was prepared to leave the meeting with a lot of tears. But it came completely different. Rather the opposite. I was so surprised what came out of the conversation and after a long time I finally felt absolutely happy again.

Thank you very much Kati for trusting you so much. You do it with such a personal yet very outspoken professional way.

- Sabrina

Dear Kati! Also, I’ve been slipping around your site for weeks and have been more and more concerned with coaching for women.

After the Clarity Call and our 40 minutes conversation it was clear to me that I would like to do the coaching with you.

Now I had my first meeting with you 2 days ago, and I’m so excited. There are really lots of interesting things happening. You also told me that a lot will happen around me and with me. I feel now, 2 days later, already extremely solved and somehow different and also relaxed … .. just a great feeling easy.Thanks, dear Kati and I look forward to the next time!


You. Your Soul. And Deep Healing:

Everything is possible. Changeable. In between there is depth, nourishing healing, tears and a bit of courage. And then... then it's time to shine.

Kati Gehres is Europe's #1 soul whisperer. She has helped over 16,897 people manifest with their heart and dissolve their hidden blocks. Many of her clients are coaches and healers because Kati sees the truth of your soul and helps you to move forward faster.

Kati about herself: "I see your injuries. But much more important: I see what they are good for. How they will bring you into your true power and how to master it. So that you can live your purpose. This is my task."

When we understand who we are, healing happens all by itself. Kati connects you with your truth and thus opens your heart. It is the communication portal for your soul. It restores your soul dialogue so that you can live your full potential: from the heart.

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