The SYNBRACE⁺ GOLD SERUM reduces mimic wrinkles due to a Botox similar effect.




    reduces mimic wrinkles due to a Botox similar effect.

    In the course of our lives we collect lots of beautiful but also challenging moments, which gradually become visible in our faces. In order to counteract these expression wrinkles and Face again younger to appear, we use the following in our SYNBRACE⁺ GOLD SERUM a Botox-like peptide

    This consists of a certain sequence of amino acids, which penetrate deep into the skin layers. Since our body consists of many linked amino acids, peptides are well recognized, and no allergic reactions or intolerances occur. The Botox-like peptide imitates a substance from the snake (temple viper) which interrupts the transmission of neurotransmitters to receptors in the body. This causes the facial muscles to relax and thus counteracts the formation of wrinkles. 

    The peptide does not completely paralyze the facial muscles, as is the case after Botox treatment, but rather relaxes and softens the movement of the muscles, resulting in a natural and rejuvenated facial expression leads. This effect is reversible therefore the SYNBRACE⁺ GOLD SERUM 2 times a day in the eye area. 

    The regular use of SYNBRACE⁺ Gold Serum relaxes the muscles around the eyes. The formation of crow's feet is thus reduced and the eye area appears smoother. In this way we counteract skin ageing in a gentle way. Since we're at DIVINE GLOW to pay attention to a synergetic effect and always use several active substances at the same time, this article is only a small, but subtle insight into the mode of action. Conventional anti-wrinkle creams usually contain only a few active ingredients or only one peptide and a few vitamins. For an optimally cared for skin and to achieve a beautiful skin appearance, we pay attention to DIVINE GLOW to a coordinated combination of several high-class active ingredients

    In the development of our serums, the main focus was on qualityefficacy and tolerability respected. Therefore, we do not use paraffin, mineral oil, PEG, silicone, essential oil, perfume, colorants or parabens in our products. 

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