How You Open Your Heart To Love

Love is what makes our heart dance and what our soul strives for. In yoga practice we find ourselves by connecting with our inner peace and arriving at our very own center.

We can feel all the wonder of our soul in moments of deep relaxation and our heart opens up so much more to love in these moments. For accepting love, giving love and being pure in love.

This inner peace and the connection to our soul essence during the yoga practice make every yoga class a special moment. They help us to keep the practice going even when the sore muscles are there and stress is part of everyday life.

They give us peace and a smile on our faces. Especially in the last minutes of a yoga class, in the relaxation we find and experience this deep connection with ourselves.

The deep connection with your soul essence

This deep connection with yourself is the key to a fulfilled and happy life. Wouldn't it be nice to experience these quiet and gentle moments of happiness of yoga practice every day? 

What is the secret of this deep self-connectedness and gratitude at the end of a yoga class? It is not only the gratitude that you have trained your body, caressed your soul and given you this time for yourself.

It is the opening of your heart that happens in the moments of your yoga practice, which is possibly the greatest gift of yoga practice - besides all the many benefits that regular yoga practice brings, the sometimes hidden gift is this heart opening.

Only an open heart can invite true love

We strive for love. We seek love outside. When we are single, we often wish for a partner who holds us in his arms, supports us, carries us, loves us, is there for us.

And when we are in a partnership, we wish for deep intimate connections, security, the certainty of being loved in all our facets. No matter where you are on this journey, an open heart is so essential for each of these stages.

Only when your heart is open can you accept love.

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And so many have difficulty accepting love. We have become masters in giving, in helping, in giving love. We always give what we want most for ourselves. But if we don't have exactly what we want, then our heart is often not open enough to really accept love. 

How can you tell if your heart is open?

Love has so many facets and some of them are harder to accept than others. Compliments, for example, are a small indication of how easily and joyfully you can accept gifts from others. It is often these little things that show you how easily you allow yourself to take. 

Are you happy about compliments or do they embarrass you? Do you gratefully accept them or do you have doubts within you whether they are really true? We may learn to take again.

We are thus conditioned to give and give and give. And if we then want to enter into a loving relationship, we can learn to take again. Because only if you allow yourself to accept everything your partner gives you, can you feel love in all its facets.

Of course, it can also be said more easily or more clearly: If you are single and wish for a happy relationship or if you are not as happy in your partnership as you wish, then your heart is not quite open. 

It is not your looks that you have to change, it is not your leisure time or your hobbies that you have to adapt. You don't have to get smarter or slimmer, nor do you have to travel more to be more interesting.

All you really have to do is open your heart to love.

When you open your heart, your chest area feels soft and relaxed. Close your eyes and remember your last yoga session: Feel into this moment of calm at the end of your practice. The love you feel in these moments. Peace and happiness, as well as gratitude. 

This is what an open heart feels like. This is how you want to go through life. Because when you walk through your life with this feeling, everything happens as if by magic. Because then your heart is magical - it radiates your love to the outside, others feel this love and deep satisfaction and are automatically attracted to you.

You meet wonderful people, see possibilities where you have seen obstacles before. The manifestation of beautiful experiences and big and small miracles is then easy for you.

Why do you close your heart at all?

The question seems almost superfluous, as each of us knows deep inside ourselves why we have closed our hearts. That means: You know why and where and how much you have closed your heart. You know who hurt you and what your heart is afraid of. 

We don't have to look far, we just have to look again. Having the courage to look at your injuries is the first step in letting them go. The moment you start to heal these old wounds, you become one again.

Your heart gains confidence and your heart opens again. For in truth, your heart is never insecure, fearful or closed. Maybe you just put a little wall around it. And this one has to let go. How do you dare to open your heart again?

The easiest way to open your heart again is to connect with your heart. What you already do in your yoga practice. And you can consciously do this process of connecting with your heart yourself.

Begin to connect with your heart and explore what you need, what feelings your heart is missing and how you can create them in your life. In this way you create your own personal journey to open your heart again one hundred percent for love and abundance. 

A life without love is a life without joy. Love has many forms: Friendship, family, partnership, vocation...

We want to experience all forms of it. And you can bring any kind of love into your life. Start talking to your heart. Use the power of meditation to connect with your heart and find out what it takes to heal you. In my heart-opening meditation I will guide you through the process of heart opening. It's free for you. A gift.

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Start to explore how easily and full of love you can open your heart again. It's a road that takes a little time. It won't be done in three days. But every moment you open your heart a little bit more - permanently - will give you deep gratitude and connection with yourself and your soul essence.

A life that fills you

Your soul essence is pure love and pure happiness. Whenever you are not quite on your soul's path, you may feel some sadness, some doubt, and you may not feel your heart as clearly.

That is why it is always important to keep your heart open. By living from your heart you feel your soul's path and learn to walk it in trust. And there is nothing more beautiful than to let your soul shine by following your own personal soul path.

And all this begins with the opening of the heart. Love, trust and faith in you, that's all it takes to follow this path.

Discover your most beautiful self: Open your heart and let all your beauty radiate outwards.


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