Do you want to experience a deeper love?

Are you longing for more intimacy in your relationships? Do you want to feel more passion with your partner? Or do you want to allow yourself to enjoy sex more?

Without healing old "stories" that caused your hurt to shut down, there is no bliss and surrendering possible when you keep your heart closed. So often we "shut down" our heart because we got hurt and are afraid to become vulnerable again.

Yet the beauty of relationships lies within you being so powerful that you allow yourself to be vulnerable.

There is a strength in being able to surrender to life and love.

There is a power within being soft, gentle and vulnerable.

And there is an infinite beauty in fully being connected with your divine energy and allowing others to see your true self.

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Without amazing sex life is kind of wasted. We all deserve to be able to feel the pleasure of life, deep feelings of connection and the ecstasy of orgasms. Yet so many have a mediocre sex life and are happy if they orgasm once in a while…

What if we remove your blocks about orgasms and you start allowing yourself to have wonderful sex and passionate feelings? Often times we have blocks from past lives or bad experiences in the past.

Having an incredible sex life is part of being your true self. Yes, you are more than a spiritual being, you are a sexual being as well. So get unstuck, allow yourself to receive the full pleasure of life.

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With love

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